Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Technology- Free Vacation

For our recent trip to South Beach Miami, 
Mr. Patrick declares that it should be a technology free vac- a. 
(Say whaaat??  Do we know this kid??)

Ok, we all agreed, as we put our phones on the table.  It was  thumbs up by all attending parties.

Beautiful South Beach. Aaah. Nice place to warn your winter bones. Who needs a cellphone?

I mean Patrick is right. We are all so addicted. And it is quite the topic of conversation these days.
This cartoon was in the New Yorker magazine I was reading on the beach.
It says" We loved Tuscany. The cell reception was fantastic and the Wi-Fi was to die for"

And it's not just the kids, as Patrick was trying to point out. 
This article was in the Times today.
Smartphone Limits Go For Parents Too by Perri Klass, MD

Here's a family I stealthily snapped by the pool.  Each engrossed in their devices. (Well, wait ok, one took a break to show the other one something on his device but you get the point.)
They could be stuck in an airport somewhere....alone...and not know the difference.
Am I right?

Really. Isn't the point of a family vacation to spend time together....

...sharing good food, like this cuban tuna ceviche...

...taking walks on the beach...

...teasing the big guy about his smoothie habit....

...or enjoying some Mexican food and great conversation????

And reading , a book, on the beach is divine.
Here Katie is preparing to lounge with Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

which she was rationing  'cuz it was sooo good.

Luckily for her I was racing through Where'd You Go Bernadette  (hilarious!!! read it in a day!!!)
so she could read it next. Phew.
(Yeah, what are Moms for??)

But like  weeds in the veggie garden, the technology creeps back into our lives.
Can't go for a run without some music.
(Here's Katie going for run # 15 -That's my girl!)

And the cabana does make an awfully nice office, doesn't it??

How could I take a selfie while waiting at the elevator without my cellphone???

Great service down by the beach.

What were you saying about no cellphones at the table???
Yeah. Nice try Mr. Sanctimonious.

And puhlease. I wish I had a picture of Patrick and I playing catch on the beach.....while he was texting his girlfriend at the same time.

 But ok, even though we found ourselves non-compliant from time to time, the idea was a great one.
Making our vacation as technology-free as possible did enhance our time together, no doubt about it!
(Casey we missed you)

 It also helped us to not miss a thing, to be entirely in the present,
while enjoying the beautiful South Beach sun.

Because all too soon, this is what we looked down upon out of the airplane window.
Not much melted while we were away.
But that's okay.

Bye Katie. Back up to Burl-y she goes, giant Teddy in hand.
There will certainly be no cellphone use in that car.

Thanks for the idea of no cellphones Patrick.
It was a nice try, haha,
and a great vacation!

Love your body, eat your carrots and like Patrick says, 
love each other not your cellphones!

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